Monday, June 30, 2008

A fully automatic pellet and BB machinegun - the GSMG

fully automatic pellet and BB machinegunThis is my first blog. Not only here, the Fully Automatic Airgun blog, but anywhere. I've never 'blogged' before, but wow do I have a reason to start.

The GSMG is a semi and full automatic gas powered pellet and BB machinegun. It uses gas pressure from a standard ASA paintball tank, and shoots pellets or BBs at very fast velocities... over 600 feet per second. This is a project we have been working on for quite a while, and it is nearly ready for the market.

The GSMG is a response to a very popular airgun- the IZH-Baikal Drozd. The Drozd has been around for a few years, but has some serious shortcomings. I will go over those issues in a later blog. For now- you know where we're coming from.

The GSMG is a
Gas Sub Machine Gun. It's design was inspired by modern day firearms... rugged tools which perform flawlessly for years (the good ones do anyways). The receiver is a hard-coated aluminum which is durable and will not rust. The pistol grip is a high-strength engineering resin to withstand impacts but still be comfortable in the hand. Internal parts are made of hardened steel to last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

fully automatic pellet and BB machinegunThe GSMG was laid-out to be a versatile weapon used for many tasks.
It can fire lead pellets which are accurate... to hunt. It can fire steel BBs which are cheap... just to destroy paper targets or soda cans. And it can fire lead round balls which are heavier and safer than BBs... to hunt, plink, or just plain have fun.

The GSMG uses a 30-round ammunition magazine; 2 of which come with every airgun. The magazines are fairly inexpensive, so you can buy several to load up at the same time. The magazines are easily and quickly installed and removed from the GSMG. You can unload an entire magazine then switch to a fresh one quickly... just like a real gun.

This BB machinegun uses standard paintball style air tanks and functions on C02, nitrogen, and high pressure air (HPA). Even the small paintball tanks provide enough pressure for hundreds of shots, or several clips, so you can focus on shooting and having fun. The larger HPA tanks will last you days of shooting.

An aspect key to the design of the GSMG, was optimal versatility and modifiability. This airgun can be readily adapted to suit the owners' needs and desires.

  • Want to attach a flashlight or laser sight? ... the GSMG has integral upper and lower accessory rails.
  • Want to add a strap or a sling? ... the GSMG has integral sling mounts.
  • Want to increase the projectile velocity? You can easily change to a longer barrel or install a hammer/valve upgrade for maximum muzzle energies.
  • Want more than the 30 round capacity of your magazine? ... a bulk magazine will soon be available for the GSMG.
Well there you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading this brief rundown of the GSMG automatic airgun. Please visit the GSMG website at for more information.